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Apr 25th


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In one of the most exciting and closest finals ever Guildford City claim victory and break the mighty Plymouth Leander’s long strangle hold on the National Final of the Arena League.  Well done to all the fantastic teams who took place as always it is a pleasure to be part of the league and to compete against so many amazing athletes.

Guildford are now the Champions of both the Senior and Junior Arena Leagues which is a double first for us and a first in the history of the Arena League.

Well done to all swimmers, coaches & parents for all your hard work.

“Words can’t accurately express what we are feeling right now” exclaimed a very jubilant Guildford City Chief Coach Richard Garfield

“After over a decade of representing the South in the  National Final we have won the ultimate club prize in GB swimming. It really is an ambition come true.This was an outstanding team display with every athlete giving everything to the single cause of victory. We couldn’t be more proud! A big thanks to all our swimmers, their coaches parents & our Executive Committee.

Nail biting does not do justice to the finish. We led from event 10 but every time we moved away from Plymouth Leander they edged there way back. Make no mistake they are an awesome team. We always feel honoured to compete against the best clubs in the country but to actually win feels incredibly special.

We also want to congratulate our friends from the Region who made the finals. Well done to Thanet, Oxford & Wycombe. The South is on the rise.”

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Arena League final champions

Further reports to follow from the coaches.

Top Club (Evt.50)

Place Team Points
1. Guildford Ct 372
2. Plymouth Lea 371
3. Millfield 342
4. Co Cardiff 335
5. Co Sheffield 266
6. Thanet Swim 261
7. Co Liverpool 254
8. Co Peterboro 247
9. Hillingdon 169
10. Co Derby 134

Relay Challenge (Evt.50)

Place Team Time Difference
01. Plymouth Lea 32.46.36 +0.00
02. Guildford Ct 32.51.24 +4.88
03. Co Cardiff 33.20.74 +34.38
04. Co Liverpool 33.36.91 +50.55
05. Millfield 33.43.42 +57.06
06. Co Peterboro 33.46.42 +60.06
07. Thanet Swim 33.48.13 +61.77
08. Co Sheffield 34.00.54 +74.18
09. Hillingdon 34.17.16 +90.80
10. Co Derby 34.59.37 +133.01

Top Swimmers

Top Male Swimmer
Xavier MOHAMMED Co Cardiff 830 Points
Most Improved Male by age group
11/Un Ellis CLEWORTH Co Liverpool 0.18
13/Un Tobey RYLAND Co Liverpool 1.41
15/Un Hamish SKILLMAN Millfield 1.18
Top Female Swimmer
Chloe TUTTON Co Cardiff 810 Points
Most Improved Female by age group
11/Un Bekki DE TORES Co Cardiff 0.53
13/Un Ceara BARBER Hillingdon 1.00
15/Un Tatiana BELONOGOFF Guildford Ct -0.83