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Feb 12th

Medical Declaration Forms and International Permits Update

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British Swimming has recently updated the Medical Declaration and International Permit forms.

Medical Declaration Form

The ASA requires swimmers to complete a medical declaration form in the following circumstances:

• if they are competing at International level (i.e. a member of a British, English, Welsh or Scottish team or a performance club completing abroad); and/or
• if they are participating at national level (i.e. British Championships, ASA, SASA or WASA National Championships, ASA, SASA or WASA Age Groups, ASA SASA or WASA Youths. This includes all disciplines (excluding masters).

A new form MUST be completed annually even if the medication prescribed has not been altered or if no medication is being taken, and whenever medication is changed.

The form is available to download from the ASA website at or can be requested via

Please note the following: On the new form there are 2 boxes;

• Representing Great Britain or my Home Country internationally;

• Competing in a British Swimming, ASA, SASA or WASA National event (all disciplines, excluding masters)

One of these boxes must be ticked otherwise the form will be returned to the individual. If you cannot tick either of these boxes then this means British swimming do not require a medical declaration form, but please inform us if you are regularly taking medication for our own records.

The old style Medical Declaration form is no longer accepted, only those forms which state version 2013 (bottom right hand corner of the 2nd page) can be used.

International Permit

Any swimmers competing abroad need to complete an international permit form so that the ASA governing body can ensure that times can be included on the ranking lists. This also ensures that these swimmers are covered by the normal ASA insurance while abroad. Without an authorised permit swimmers will not be recognised as part of British Swimming.

As part of the international anti doping rules it is now a requirement for any swimmer that is subject to a doping test abroad to inform the British Swimming Anti-Doping Manager Rachel Burrows at the earliest time.