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Jun 3rd

Come and become a licensed official with GCSC.

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As a club we really need a large group of licensed officials within our group of parents in order to run the open meets, academy galas and licensed time trials every year which give our swimmers such great opportunities to compete.

That said, there are many benefits for the individual in being an official:
– it gets you out of the crowded, hot spectator balconies during swim events.
– your swimmer (s) get guaranteed acceptance into open meets which may be oversubscribed.
– it is simply a far more interesting and fun way of spending the numerous hours while you watch your swimmer compete!
And it will cost you nothing – GCSC will pay for your training and registration costs.

So, how do you become an official?

Step 1 – attend ONE 2hr training session with Christina Victor
To make this easy for you, Christina will be running 3 sessions over the next 2 weeks for you to choose from. These are timed to coincide with some of the main training times for the squads, so you’ll be at the pool already!

Friday June 5th 6.30 to 8.30 pm Spectrum balcony (aimed at CDS parents)

Saturday June 6th 7 to 9 am Spectrum balcony (aimed at Junior County parents)

Monday June 8th 7 to 9 pm Surrey Sports Park spectator area (aimed at High Performance Squad parents)

Please email Christina,, to book your place on one of these sessions.

Step 2 – attend open meets, academy galas or other licensed swim events to get signed off.
Once you’ve had your initial training session, you need to put the theory into practise and be signed off on a number of different skills. This can be done by attending some of the numerous swim events that GCSC arrange every year – with 4 multi-session open meets; a sprint meet; 2 academy galas and several licensed time trials, there are many opportunities for you to join the GCSC officials team and get signed off on the different elements.

And what is more… whether you are in training or are fully qualified as an official, you will be supporting the club in running these events, and you will be hugely appreciated!


Come and become an official – YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!!!

Contact Christina,, to book your place on one of the training sessions, or to register your interest in becoming an official if you can’t make one of these training dates.