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Jun 27th

Club Agrees New Contract with SSP

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After seventeen months of discussion the Board of Trustees have come to a new long term agreement with SSP.
The new contract commencing September 2017 encompasses all aspects of our relationship including hire of the pool and land training facilities, provision of teachers and management to the SSP Learn to Swim Academy, coaching and managing the University of Surrey Swimming and Water Polo Squads, and running our two highly successful level one and level two open meets plus clinics and camps.
Guildford City moved into SSP when it first opened in April 2010 and since then we have developed into one of the leading swimming clubs in the country. We are delighted that our relationship with this important partner will continue into the future.
As all squads will be affected by the changes swimmers are asked to carefully review the new training programs (now available on the Club’s website) to determine how it affects them personally. Please read the FAQ below and If you have any queries please contact your Coach.


Why is our pool time changing?
Seventeen months ago SSP came to us and requested that we change our pool training timetable as it was not suiting either their facility members or the University of Surrey students. Since then we have been working with SSP’s management designing a change to the use of the swimming pool with the aim of satisfying all their main stakeholders including the University of Surrey Swim and Water Polo Squad, SSP Learn to Swim Academy, SSP Facility Members and GCSC.
Added pressure was put on us just after our last AGM in June 2016 when we were given notice of the termination of our existing contract. Since that time we have been negotiating with SSP’s management a new contract that will secure both the continued development and long term interests of the Club as well as meeting the objectives of SSP/University of Surrey who own the facility.
After protracted and very difficult negotiations we are happy to announce that we have entered into a new contract with SSP which ensures the continuation of the quality service that Guildford City has enjoyed since the facility opened in April 2010.

Why are we announcing this so late in the swimming year?
SSP and GCSC enjoy a multifaceted relationship with numerous working parts. SSP hire the pool to us for weekly training, camps, clinics and open meets whereas we provide SSP with coaching and teaching services for both the University of Surrey Swim and Water Polo Squads and SSP’s own Academy Lean to Swim Program. As stated above negotiations embracing all of these areas have been complicated and protracted. The GCSC Management have spent considerable time in ensuring the Club obtained the best outcome possible.

What do the changes mean for me and my squad?
The structure of the High Performance, Competitive Development and Master’ Squads are not changing. Total training hours for each squad are not changing. However there will be changes to some squad training time slots and session pool configurations. Except for Wednesday, all weekday sessions will be long course in the mornings and short course in the evenings. Wednesday will be short course for both morning and evening sessions. Saturdays will remain long course and Sundays will become short course. This type of swimming pool configuration is employed by many long course facilities throughout the UK, including Sheffield, Leeds, Wycombe and Hillingdon. Details of all squad training sessions have been sent to all members and are available on the Club website.

How have you decided to plan the training sessions?
The Coaches in association with the Board of Trustees have spent considerable time on reviewing the Club’s use of SSP. The main aim was to ensure the continued development of Guildford City as a one of the leading competitive swimming clubs in Great Britain. In addition to our many years of experience in successfully planning swimmer’s pathways and training sessions we also sought the advice of British Swimming.

What will be the benefits?
Some of the benefits include:
Earlier evening finish times for our older HPS swimmers in line with British Swimming recommendations to allow for the optimal recovery times between evening and morning training sessions.
Greater synergy with the University of Surrey Swim Squad
More access to the Strength and Conditioning Suite
The creation of an exclusive land training area for the Club
More opportunities for the National Age Group and Regional Squads to work together and for the Competitive Development Squads to access the facility

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
In the first instance please contact your squad coach who should be able to answer all of your questions.