Rubens King

Rubens King – Club Vice Captain 2015-16

Living in a house surrounded by ponds on a fish farm, I learnt to swim at a very early age. I started at the Spectrum in the duckling club and progressed to Sharks, County, Regionals, Nationals and now the High Performance Squad.

GCSC have taught me how to be an IM swimmer.

I remember one of my earliest races quite clearly: 200m breast stroke at Cranleigh, I won by over 25 meters and was disqualified!

In 2008 I swam at the Venezuaelan nationals where I won Gold, which was a fantastic experience. The first season I was old enough for GB nationals, 2009, I won 4 gold medals. The following season 2010, I won a bronze at nationals. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with AVN and had my first operation to rebuild my elbow.

After a break from swimming where I re-joined my old football club and joined the local gym I returned to swim at the GB nationals, 2012, finishing in the top 10. Also competing in the Venezuelan nationals, where I won 4 medals.

One of my favourite swimming memories was winning 5 gold medals at the Zonals against top competition, what made it significant for me, was that I had 3 fractures in my elbow at the time. Around this time I captained England schools junior swimming team to victory in the Home Nations competition. Winning gold medals at nationals and captaining my country has been a highlight so far.

I am currently studying A-levels at George Abbot School, they have been genuinely interesting. When I’m not swimming I thoroughly enjoy Peer Mentoring and being a Christian Union leader at school and in my free time I prefer to do various work experiences. I’m always looking to improve my qualifications such as my Coaching qualifications as I’m a Level 2 teacher. I am considering a local university to study Human Resource Management.

If I didn’t swim, I would have liked to become a national Ping-Pong player. If someone asked me what the highlight of my day would be, 9/10 it would be food related

Always believe in yourself, the human body is amazing, you can achieve anything and everything you set your mind to. Have fun, enjoy yourself, do your best and never give up: that’s my mantra. This planet has been here for many years, we are here for but a fraction of time, so make every second count!

My door is always open and I’m listening.