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Aug 13th


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The Management Team, coaches and teachers would like to thank you all for your positive feedback from the beginning of lockdown through our current Phase 1, see below:

“Hope you are both safe and well during these extraordinary times. I’ve just seen Guildford City’s return to training pre and post pool sets on Twitter and felt compelled to write to say a big thank you.”

“I (and everyone I have spoken to) have been so incredibly impressed by all you as a club have done to help the wider swimming community during lockdown. Your generosity and community spirit in sharing your extensive experience and expertise has been amazing. The daily land training sets for example is greatly appreciated. I have swimmers from a number of small clubs in the school I teach and having made them aware of what Guildford City were doing, they have all followed your daily training and it has helped immeasurably in keeping them active and positive – ultimately it has kept them in the sport, and looking forward to getting back in the pool.

But it wasn’t just the daily training that has been so impressive, it is everything you have done to help swimmers (and parents) through this difficult time. The interviews with the club captains as a further example were enlightening and Charlie’s story in particular was so helpful for the older swimmers who may be struggling with similar issues when they return to the pool.

So thank you for all that you have done.”

“All the best to you and all the swimmers as you return to the pool. You certainly return knowing you have done all you possibly could to help the swimming community through this tough time.

Kindest regards”

“Please can I say a HUGE thank you and well done to the entire GCSC team for how the whole COVID period and return to swimming has been managed.  I cannot imagine how complex the last few months have been and the constant uncertainty of how, when and if we could get back to swimming.”

Thank you for the clear communication, providing excellent weekly training guidance, positive positioning of the situation and in general demonstrating the values of the club and leading from the front.”

“We are all delighted to be back training and feel well informed and safe in the environment you have created. “

“Once again please pass on our thanks to the entire team.”

“Thank you for working so hard to get us back in the water. Procedures and training was so good tonight. Safe, organised and well informed. It felt good to be back.”

“Thank you Guildford City Swimming Club

so great for ……….. to be back in the water ! Yipppeeee!!! Big grins this evening ! And …………. turn at the academy tomorrow!” 

“So good to see them all smiling as they came out, so happy to be back! Thanks to everyone for making it happen.”

“Thank you for all the preparations! It’s awesome for the kids to swim again! ……… can’t wait for her next session! 👍🏻💪🏻

“Thanks to everyone involved in getting the kids back in the pool! ……….. loved it and can’t wait for the next session!”

“Thanks GCSC – …….. was so happy to be back swimming at Spectrum and looking forward to Monday! Thank you all 😊🏊‍♀️

“Thank you for all your huge efforts to get the children swimming again. Super organised and a very happy daughter 😊

“So happy to be back! All seemed very smoothly run – well done!”

“Brilliantly organised, well done 👏🏼👏🏼

“My one was so happy after first swim earlier. Loved it. 🥰

“So well organised. Thanks to everyone involved!”

“………… had the best time this morning. He is still buzzing. Thank you xxx”

“Huge shout out to our club


“Happy swimmers back in the water with an outstanding set up! They have been so helpful throughout this entire lockdown time & put hours in to making a return to the pool possible. It can’t have been easy – we are so grateful”

“A big shout out to you Jordan! You have been an inspiration!”

“Whilst not a photo from today and despite the complex Covid safe processes, it’s GREAT to be back training with my masters squad. Oh how I’ve missed this”

“Absolutely superb organisation from my club on our first few days back. From social distancing to pre-emailed guidelines and lane position info – to easy ramp up sessions to prevent injury. I feel safe, organised, fitter and happier. Well played”

.”Well played!”

“Loved it!”

“Hi team”

“Thank you for everything and for all you have done to get the kids swimming again. The organisation and thought that has gone into it all is exceptional.”

“Thank you from us all,”

We are now all hard at work on Phase 2 which starts from 1 September.