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Apr 2nd

Join us for our next Presentations on 13th and 18th May: Managing sleep at Competitions & Pre-Race Activation

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At Guildford City we are driven to allow each swimmer to
achieve their full potential. We are also very aware that there are many
different components that make up a successful swimming performance. As a
result of our drive we have been exploring some of these less well-known
contributing factors.

Training is just one part of the bigger picture. The use of all
aspects of Sport Science into the everyday training is becoming more and more
important. Here at Guildford City we have been looking into some of those areas
for the benefit of our swimmers. We are very fortunate to have two Sport Scientists
working with us who have collated information to help all club members. This
research and guidance that they have found we want to share with the wider
swimming community.

  • Facebook Live Presentations through the Guildford City Swimming Club Facebook page to take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 6pm. Presentations will consist of a small presentation followed by the answering of questions. Questions can be asked up to 48 hours in advance of each presentation.
  • Handouts will be available for the sessions
    along with some practical application ideas.

The presentations are taking place at 6pm to allow those still at school to have access to the information. Simply ‘’like’’ or follow the Guildford City Swimming Club Facebook page to have access to the content.

The topics have been carefully considered for the benefit of all
ages. Improving these aspects of your swimming/lifestyle can have a massive
performance benefit in the pool!

Topic When? Question close date
Training Recovery: Stretching, rolling & nutrition 4th May 2nd May
Managing sleep patterns at home 6th May 4th May
Competition recovery 11th May 9th May
Managing sleep at competitions 13th May 11th May
Pre-Race activation 18th May 16th May
Effective use of visualisation & imagery 20th May 18th May
Effective use of self-Talk 25th May 23rd May
Resilience in Swimming 1st June 30th May
Responsibility & ownership over your swimming 3rd June 1st June

Please come and join us!

Lee Spindlow

Lead Coach, High Performance Squads