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May 11th

Senior Performance – New Slot Booking System from September

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We are delighted to announce that we are introducing a new Slot Booking System for Senior Performance from September.

Following the successful trial of the ‘slot’ system in CDS Inter a new slot system will be introduced from September 2015, Senior Performance members will also be able to select which days they want to train throughout the whole term and book and pay only for ​the slots accordingly. Training days and times will remain the same. The land training on Sundays and Thursdays will continue to be available only for those swimmers who choose the pool session on that day.

This change has been brought about by a growing realisation that many of our Senior Performance and CDS Inter swimmers have numerous other commitments in their life and by providing a greater choice this will give them the balance between training at a strong competitive level and other activities.

Swimmers are asked to select and book their slots from the following options:

Monday 0600 to 0800 Guildford Spectrum
Tuesday 0600 to 0800 Surrey Sports Park
Wednesday 1830 to 2030 Aldershot Garrison
Thursday 1900 to 2100 Aldershot Garrison
Friday 1930 to 2130 Guildford Spectrum
Sunday 0700 to 0900 Surrey Sports Park

Minimum booking is two sessions per week.

Sessions are guaranteed for all swimmers committing to twelve hours per week. Other selections will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note that once you have booked and committed to your slots no substitutions are permissible. There will be no squad criteria, ages will be 14​+ years and membership will be at the Coach’s discretion, renewable on a term by term basis.

To be considered for graduation to High Performance in the future, swimmers will have to generally train a minimum of ten hours per week, be age eligible, and display the appropriate work ethic and commitment to both the training and competition programme of Senior Performance.