Payment by Installment Application

    Fees – Payment by Installment Application

    The club’s policy states that once you/ your child enters the water in a swimming term, it is deemed that the member/ member’s parent has accepted all of the Clubs Terms and Conditions, and a full term’s fees are due. The Club does not accept part payment.

    If however, approved by membership it may be agreed that the member’s fees can be paid by installments on pre-agreed dates throughout the term subject to the following conditions:-

    1. The form below must be completed by the member/ member’s parent by the payment deadline stated on the invoice.

    2. The first payment must be received by the payment deadline on the invoice or by the date previously agreed by membership.

    3. The first payment must be at least £50 or the sum of all the ASA fees on the invoice whichever is the greater.

    4. The total on the invoice must be received by the published end of the invoiced term.

    5. The invoice may be paid by a maximum of 4 installments over the term.

    6. All installments must be received in full by the agreed installment dates given below, Each missed installment deadline may be subject to a late payment surcharge.

    7. The payment by installments agreement must be reapplied for on a termly basis and can be terminated at any time at the discretion of membership.

    8. I accept that if I / my swimmer(s) leave the Club before the final instalments have been received, any amount outstanding will be paid in full immediately.

    If you agree to the above conditions please complete the following:

    Personal Details

    This section must be completed by the person responsible for paying the invoice.



    Post Code

    Contact Phone No

    Your Email

    Invoice Details

    The following information can be found on the term’s invoice.

    Swimming Term

    Invoice Date

    Invoice Payment Due Date

    Invoice Total

    Proposed Installments

    Please complete the following:-

    Installment 1 Date: Amount £:

    Installment 2 Date: Amount £:

    Installment 3 Date: Amount £:

    Installment 4 Date: Amount £:

    By signing this form you agree to all the terms stated above.

    Signed (person responsible for paying the invoice)

    Please type your name where a signature is required.


    Print Full Name

    On receipt of this form an email will be sent to the email address you have given above detailing any queries regarding your application. If the application is successful this will be confirmed by membership.

    Any queries should be sent to membership at the following email address: –

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