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Mar 8th

National Champions 2024 !!!

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Guildford City travelled to Cardiff Sunday 3 March to compete in the National Arena Swimming League Final against the top 10 swimming clubs from around the country. After a thrilling gala with the lead changing hands several times Guildford City proudly raised the trophy as CHAMPIONS!!!

Final Results
1. Guildford City 382
2. Mount Kelly 375
3. Millfield 366
4. Repton 334
5. Chelsea & Westminster 268
6. Wycombe District 262
7. RTW Monson 233
8. City of Cardiff 226
9. City of Peterborough 181
10. Stockport Metro 179

Head of High Performance Coach Lee Spindlow stated

“This is a victory for an exceptional group of swimmers, coaches and support staff.
We have a hard-working team developing a club that caters for all levels from performance through to participation.
We raced against the best clubs and school programmes in the country and it feels good to perform well under pressure.
The National Arena Swimming League competition is fiercely contested and today was no different.
We want to congratulate all the teams who took part over the course of the weekend and Arena for their support.”

Guildford City now hold both the national title as Junior National Arena League Champions ( won in late 2023) and as the National Arena Swimming League Champions – accomplished before in 2016
and still the only club in history to have achieved this amazing feat