Lucy Bean

Lucy Bean – Club Captain 2015-16

How did you get into swimming? – I heard about a club in my local area through a friend and just thought it seemed like fun so would give it a go!

What is your best Strokes and Distances? – My best stroke is Breaststroke and my preferred distances are 100m and 200m.

Tell us about your best achievement in swimming to date?

One of my best achievements would be winning a medal at English Nationals last year and qualifying for the Olympic Trials taking place this year.

Tell us about the best moment in swimming (not just racing)?

The best moment I’ve experienced in swimming would be competing in team competitions. One of my favourites is the UK School Games which I’ve done twice now. The team spirit and attitude is like nothing you could ever experience, definitely a once in a life time opportunity.

What other interests do you have outside of the sporting world?

I volunteer once a fortnight at the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead. There we care for all sorts of animals such as badgers and hedgehogs and I love helping out.

What are your aspirations for the future in swimming?

I hope to make an international team when I’m older, such as a Commonwealth or Olympic team.

Tell us about the subjects you are studying at college?

I’m currently studying History, Biology and P.E for my A Levels at Rosebery Sixth form in Epsom.

How do you balance your studies with swimming?

I just make sure that I plan out specific times to complete homework or revision which fit into my training schedule. I also make sure I keep on top of work which requires a lot of organisation but in the end it means that I don’t need have to miss out on any training sessions to catch up!

What are your plans after 6th form college/University?

After 6th form I plan to go to University and study Human Biology. However I will still aim to continue swimming at university and hopefully beyond that.

Do you have a role model in swimming?

One of my biggest role models is Adam Peaty. His dedication and determination to be the best is something I hugely admire and aspire to be like.

What is your routine before a major swim (anything unusual)?

For a long time I always had a pair of lucky socks that I wore to every swim meet. Thankfully (As they were an awful colour) I put that aside and realised that the socks didn’t determine the outcome of my race!

Do you have a certain meal that you like to eat before competition/races?

The night before I always make sure that I stick to familiar foods that I like, which normally includes a simple pasta meal or a salad. The morning before I swim I always have porridge or just a yogurt, so I don’t feel full and can race light.

What do you love about Guildford City?

I love the friends that I have met here and the friendly and relaxed environment. I’ve never regretted making the move to Guildford City.

What do you think of the Guildford City Coaching staff?

The coaches are really great. They make sure I remain motivated and support me through every up and down. They make time to talk to you because they do really care about you and it’s guaranteed they will always make me laugh!

Have you any tips for any of our younger aspiring swimmers?

One philosophy I’ve always stuck by is that the hard work you do now will always pay off in the future, no matter how hard it seems. So even If you don’t see the immediate benefits, stick with it because you will get what you deserve.