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Apr 5th

Live Strength & Conditioning Sessions From Monday 23 March

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With the Club  closure the role of land training or strength and conditioning increases greatly. As a Club we are always keen to maximise the position we have never been shy when it comes to developing weaknesses. Therefore, we believe that our current position gives us an opportunity to develop our athleticism and ultimately improve our performance in the water.

We now live in a world where being a traditional ‘swimmer’ isn’t enough to get to the top of our sport. You will commonly hear stories of swimmers who transfer skills from other sports (commonly Gymnastics) into the pool to achieve great things. Therefore, during this period  we are challenging all swimmers across the club to work hard to improve all aspects of their athleticism. This includes flexibility, mobility, strength, control, balance to name a few. Improving these areas will allow us to swim faster for longer with better skills when life gets back to normal.

1. Weekly Training Programme: These are being designed specifically for each squad and will be communicated via TeamUnify on a weekly basis.

2. Daily Challenges: Jordan Niblock, our full time Strength & Conditioning Lead Coach will be setting small challenges specific to each squad on a daily basis. These challenges will be fun but developmental in nature and will allow swimmers to compare times with each other.

3. Live Sessions: Jordan will also be hosting daily training sessions through Facebook Live. There will be two sessions every day aimed at specific parts of the club.

a. 7am to 8am: A session for NPS, BUCS, Senior CDS A & B & Masters
b. 8am to 9am: A session for Regs, County A, B & C, Junior County A & B

These sessions will be live streamed through the Guildford City Swimming Club Facebook Live and have specifically been programmed in the morning to help people maintain a normal routine. Simply ‘like’ the page to access sessions.

We believe this will promote metal well being alongside development of athleticism.

Please come and join in the fun!