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Apr 2nd

GC Announces Reorganisation for September 2014

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We are proud to announce the second and final phase of the Squad Reorganisation Plan at Guildford City.

Highlights that will take effect from September 2014 include
– Simplification of age bands (year of birth)
– Changes to some squad age groups
– Raising the eligibility standards for the High Performance Squads
– Introduction of the “Potential Athlete” Award in the High Performance Squads
– Enhancing the role of Coaches’ discretion where there are exceptional circumstances when evaluating a candidate.
– Expanding the training hours and introducing criteria for the Competitive Development Squads
– Creation of the Junior County Squad

Simplification of Age Bands and Increasing Squad Age Groups
Squad ages will be determined on a calendar year basis and in some squads the age bands will be increased.

Age Band Chart from September 2014

All ages as at 31 December 2015




High Performance as at 1 September 2014
For the start of the new swimming year in September 2014, unless otherwise advised, High Performance swimmers will be invited to resume their place in their existing squad on the condition that they have met the training and competition criteria and achieved and maintained the Squad Performance (Eligibility) Times throughout the period September 2013 to July 2014 and that they have not timed out. The following age bands will time out of their respective squads at the end of the July 2014

County                         2003

Regional                     2000

National Age Group 1998

Solely at the discretion of the coaches, swimmers who have timed out may be:
(a) Promoted to the next High Performance squad having met all of the required criteria
(b) Invited to join the Competitive Development squads
(c) Invited to join the next High Performance squad on a ‘Potential Athlete’ award (see below)

High Performance Criteria FROM September 2014
Places in the High Performance section continue to be in demand as swimmers are:
(1) Staying longer in the sport;
(2) Consistently achieving at a higher level of performance than ever before;
(3) Acquiring Guildford City Performance (Eligibility) Times and meeting squad criteria in greater numbers than ever before;
(4) As a Centre of Excellence we continue to attract highly competitive swimmers from all over the region.

Going forward squad places are likely to be restricted and swimmers will no longer automatically maintain a place in their existing squad or gain promotion to the next squad by simply achieving the relevant Guildford City Performance Time. Ongoing personal assessments will become the focal point with the Coaches taking into account a variety of factors including consistent attendance at both wet and dry land training sessions, commitment to the whole programme, potential for future development, attitude, conflict with other sports and Squad Performance Times.
See High Performance Squad Qualifying Criteria 2014-15 for further details.

High Performance “Potential Athlete” Award
Subject to space availability, High Performance Squad places may be offered to individuals who have not yet achieved the appropriate Squad Performance (Eligibility) Time. High Performance “Potential Athlete“ awards may be offered solely at the Coach’s discretion to swimmers who have demonstrated excellence in training throughout the previous swimming year and who in the Coach’s opinion are likely to ultimately achieve the High Performance Squad Performance Time. “Potential Athlete” Awards will be strictly renewable on a term by term basis and will be governed by the Chief Coach and a panel of Lead Coaches.

High Performance Training Hours
High Performance training hours will remain as is with the exception of County Squad who will be offered an additional weekly two hour session on Thursday at Surrey Sports Park 1700 to 1900.

Creation of Junior County Squad
The highest level in the Academy will be a new Junior County squad while all lower levels will remain unchanged. Tigersharks Gold will no longer exist. Steve Wadey will be the Lead Coach of Junior County. The programme will increase to seven pool hours per week with a minimum offering of 2 two-hour sessions including one in the long course pool at Surrey Sports Park on Sunday morning. Junior County Squad age band will be 7 to 10 years old. Membership will continue to be by invitation.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Competitive Development Squads, criteria for membership will be introduced from September 2014 onwards. All swimmers will be required to reach the minimum standard of a Surrey County Qualifying Time in an event of 100m or greater by July 2015. They will also need to commit to at least the minimum weekly training programme of eight hours for Senior CDS and six hours for Inter CDS.
An alternative offering of Junior Masters or Junior Development based upon age is available to those swimmers who do not wish to remain in the Competitive Development section.

Coach and Parent Communication
It is important that there is good communication between parents and coaches so that any issues can be discussed and resolved as early as possible. Coaches Clinics provide an ideal forum and any parents wishing to discuss the swimmer’s performance should email their coach and book a slot. A Coach may also email a parent requesting a meeting.