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The only swimming club in history to hold the National Senior & Junior Championship Titles in the same year

National Arena Swimming League Champions 2016
National Arena Junior Swimming League Champions 2014 to 2016
National Arena League South Champions 2005 to 2016

Arena League final champions

Arena League South Round 3 9 December 2017 Squad Selection
Arena League South Round 1 13 October 2018
Arena League South Round 2 10 November 2018
Arena League South Round 3 8 December 2018


Arena League 2017 – Selection Policy

The Coaches want to create a more robust culture of competition for places in the Guildford City Squad competing in the Arena League South for 2017. Whether you have been selected for the A B or C team we want you to have to work hard for your place and cherish the opportunity to represent your Club in the most important league competition in swimming.

Guildford City has been the Southern League Champions since 2005 – 12 consecutive years! and in that time our region has become very strong. With the B team also in the top tier we are the only Southern Club with two teams in the Premiership. Our C team maintains a valued place in the league’s Division 1 West.

Using the Club database in addition to current training profiles and coaching opinion we will select our best A team, then B and ultimately C teams to compete in rounds 1 & 2 as opposed to selecting blended A & B teams that we have done in the recent past. Selections for round 2 and 3 will be based on performances in round 1 and 2 respectively in addition to any other relevant data/ results.

Swimmers in both the High Performance & Competitive Development Squads are reminded that their squad places are at the discretion of the Coaches & it is a condition of membership that if selected even for one relay in the Arena League they are expected to compete for the Club with pride.

If you foresee a future conflict or become ill or injured please contact Josh Williamson ASAP 07971640208

Arena League South Champions 2005 to 2016

12 years as Champions!
The longest consecutive winning streak in the history of the South



1 Guildford City
2 City of Oxford
3 Wycombe District
4 Thanet
5 7 Oaks
6 Bromley



1 Guildford City
2 Thanet
3 City of Oxford
4 Wycombe District
5 7 Oaks
6 Beckenham

2005 to 2014


The Decade of Excellence


A celebration of the 10 year unbeaten runs