Chris Green

Chris Green – Vice Captain 2015-16

How did you get into swimming?
I was brought along to a ‘bring your friend’ gala, and got a Surrey QT.

What is your best Strokes and Distances?
200 Breaststroke

Tell us about your best achievement in swimming to date?
British championships final in the olympic pool.

Tell us about the best moment in swimming (not just racing)?
I enjoy the social aspect.

What other interests do you have outside of the sporting world?

What are your aspirations for the future in swimming?
I would like to get to european level.

Tell us about the subjects you are studying at college?
I’m studying an IT and computer course at NESCOT

What are your plans after 6th form college/University?
I hope to go and get a job in network security.

What is your routine before a major swim (anything unusual)?
I like to keep myself distracted, so I will complete my bloodflow and usually have a chat with the official.

Do you have a certain meal that you like to eat before competition/races?
I usually have a burger in the evening when I’m in Sheffield.

What do you love about Guildford City?
I love the atmosphere, and there is always a coach to help you.

Have you any tips for any of our younger aspiring swimmers?
Before you say you can’t, think about what would happen if you did.